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Since 2003 we have been helping businesses create eye-catching email flyers without the hassles and headaches of complicated software. Our point and click wizard makes designing and sending email flyers a breeze. From start to finish our email flyers solution has been crafted to help you achieve your goals. Plus, there's no risk, you can start today for FREE!

Design Eye-Catching Email Flyers

  • Over 100 email flyer templates
  • Point & click wizards, perfect for beginners
  • Personalize your email flyer with graphics

Manage All Your Contacts

  • Full online contact management system
  • Collect new contacts right from your site
  • Segment your list for precision targeting

Real-Time Email Flyer Reports

  • Reports in real-time
  • See who opens your email
  • Know who clicked what & when

Should I Be Sending Email Flyers? Are Email Flyers Right For Me?

That is an excellent question and one many business owners have been asking themselves. In today's economy the competition is fierce and you must do everything you can to get an extra edge. By sending direct and target email flyers you are engaging your customer in one-to-one communication. Only with the power of email flyers can you make a connection with the customer right in their inbox away from other distractions. We don't want to claim that email flyers are the holy grail, but the 10,000+ businesses around the globe who send email flyers with us will never go back.

Our Technology Puts Your Email Flyers In The Inbox

In a day and age where spam (UCE) concerns are at an all time high, we maintain industry leading deliverability to make sure that the email flyers you create land right in the inbox. We employ the latest email flyer authentication technology (including SPF, Domain Keys, Sender ID, & DKIM) to put your best foot forward and achieve maximum results. We also have an ISP Relations Department that has the sole responsibility of working with ISPs around the globe so they know that email flyers sent through us are flyers they can trust. We maintain a strict anti-spam policy and review all email flyers manually.

Running a Charity of Non-Profit?

We firmly believe in social responsibility and are delighted to work hand-in-hand with charities and nonprofit organizations from around the world to help them communicate through effective email flyers.

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